Lower Extremities - Infinite Socket TT-S

Infinite Socket TT-S System

Macy O&P is proud to bring Connecticut and New England the Infinite Socket™ TT-S System. The first custom-molded, modular prosthetic socket offering adjustability at each component, the Infinite Socket is designed for below-knee amputees. It represents a new paradigm in prosthetic design that dramatically improves patients’ comfort and quality of life, efficiency of the fitting process, and empowers patients to live beyond the comfort of their prosthesis.


Modern materials and advanced designs drive our hallmark goal of bringing greater comfort and function to the lives of amputees. A combination of solid components and soft goods create a structured system with optimal comfort. The base plate, carbon fiber struts, and remoldable distal cup make up the solid structure. The molded textiles are engineered to allow movement of the leg and optimize weight distribution. They are made of easy-to-clean and frictionless materials to maximize comfort and control. By replacing the rigid structure of a traditional socket with moldable materials, the Infinite Socket allows patients to control the fit of their socket as their limb changes.

Adjustability & Modularity

The Infinite Socket TT-S System is equipped with closure systems for on-the-fly adjustment of the socket. The closure mechanisms are ergonomically designed to give you control in any situation. The tensioning system facilitates easy donning and doffing of the socket, establishing a base level of fit, while small adjustments can be made to optimize the fit.

Infinite Socket TT-S:

  • 40% lighter than the Infinite Socket™ TT
  • 30% bulk reduction
  • 50% increase in limb length indication
  • 28% increase in weight limit (now 320 pounds)
  • 60% reduction in fasteners
  • 2 added suspension types
  • simplified design for a reduced fitting time
TT and TT-S comparison