Pediatric Care

Pediatric Prosthetic Care

At Macy O&P we recognize the unique prosthetic needs of pediatric patients. We focus on meeting your child’s needs so they can focus on being a child.

We strive to meet your child’s goals through communication and innovation. We use a team approach, involving the physician or provider, physical and occupation therapists, and most importantly the child and caregiver.

We utilize 3D scanning, printing, and CAD software to measure and design the best fitting devices for our patients.

Children are often highly active while learning to explore the world around them. As a child continues to grow and learn, it is important that their prosthetic devices grow with them. Here at Macy O&P, our experienced pediatric specialists work to monitor and follow every child’s development with their devices to ensure proper goals and milestones are being achieved, and make adjustments as necessary. We strive to make your child’s experience a positive one, and maintain that positivity for years to come.


We are pleased to offer multiple brace designs. An orthotist will evaluate your child for the prescribed brace using measurements, casting, or scanning and CAD/CAM technology.  Braces are custom made and then fit by a qualified professional.

Our scoliosis braces include the option to utilize thermal sensors. This technology uses the wearer’s body heat to record compliance, or hours that the brace is worn. This allows us to track the patient’s progress and modify our treatment plan as needed.

Styles provided include:

  • Boston brace
  • Providence brace
  • Charleston Bending brace
  • 3D Boston style brace
  • Rigo Cheneau style brace
  • Kyphosis brace
  • Flex foam TLSO

Cerebral Palsy and Neuromuscular Disorders

We offer many bracing solutions.

  • AFOs (Ankle Foot Orthoses): Custom fabricated braces to provide positioning, stretching, and/or stability when standing and walking. These can be used with assistive devices such as crutches, standing frames, walkers, gait trainers, and customized wheelchairs.
  • Hand/wrist braces: custom fabricated to aid in positioning and increasing function
  • Upper and lower extremity bracing: often includes arm and leg braces to prevent contractures and aide in positioning.
  • TLSO (Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthoses): Custom body jackets or spinal orthoses used to provide trunk support.

Additional bracing options include

  • Hip abduction braces: Pavlik harness and Rhinos for DDH (Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip)
  • Ponseti afos and Dobbs bars: used for the treatment of clubfoot (talipes equinovarus)
  • Foot orthotics: prefabricated and custom made to support the needs of growing feet.
  • AFOs: prefabricated and custom made leg braces to treat tight heel cords for day or night use. These are often used for “toe walkers”
  • SMOs: (supramalleolar orthoses) these are shorter AFOs. They reach just above the ankle and are used to treat supination and pronation and provide stability for children with ligament laxity.